Monday, December 16, 2013

Keep Clicking with SMB 7,107 Celebrations!

SMB 7107 Celebrations
SMB 7107 Celebrations
Eight days before Christmas and celebrations are everywhere! Make the parties and celebrations merrier with friends, brakadas, and loved ones with a set of beers for cheers!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

AXE Apollo Space Camp Assault Course

After weeks of training under Crossfit Manila (CFMNL) and Siltless Deep Sea Diving Center, our AXE Apollo Team Philippines members are now in Orlando Florida to represent the country for the Space Camp. Chino Roque of AXE Apollo Team Philippines breezes through a zipline while taking part in the AXE Apollo Space Academy Space Camp assault course at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida.

The obstacle course, a physical attributes they will need to cope with a zero gravity environment, is part of an intense AXE Space Academy training program that 107 men and women from 60 different countries are embarking on in a bid to achieve their ultimate dream of becoming one of only 23 astronauts who will travel to space on board a Space Expedition Corporation shuttle.