Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roaming Beyond Manila defines Roam as "to walk, go, or travel without a fixed purpose or direction; ramble; wander; rove: to roam about the world."

Synonyms include 'to wander about', 'bum around', drift, gad, gallivant, hike, hit the road, knock around, stroll, trek, and travel. And this is what Roam Manila is going to be: a light weight travel blog, a hand-carry travel bag. :)

Roam Manila would be a travel blog not necessarily of resorts, hotels and famous tourist destinations. it goes beyond Manila and aims to conquer the world. It's about the carefree travel - the road your old rubber slippers walk on. It's about the stone you pick up from the beach and throw into the endless horizon. It's about capturing the sunset before it hides behind the mountain.

It's about looking at the skies and counting the stars. 
What is roaming to you?  

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