Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Finale on AXN

This is it! After religiously watching The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 on AXN, the finale is on our way!
The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Finale

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Finale on AXN will air tonight December 09, 2010 at 10pm (HK)/ 9pm (SG, MY, PH)/ 8pm (JKT).

Down to the final three, the final showdown comes head to head with the youngest team in TARA history versus the first father-and-daughter team versus the super athletic best friends, Richard and Richard! They check in neck to neck and race at stops within minutes after the next!
The Richards (Richard Hardin & Richard Herrera)
The last leg of the race takes place in Singapore. In the only Fast Forward of the race, the Richards sacrificed their hair by shaving their heads, which gave them a significant head start. While their physical fitness placed them at a solid advantage as they led in the top three for seven legs, the Richards (Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera) hit a spate of bad luck in the last two legs, where they got terribly lost and even broke a race rule that had them backtrack their route and cost them a near-elimination.

As for Michelle and Claire, the best friends beat the other teams with a lot of grit and determination. The feisty duo swallowed 275 chicken balls, out-eating even the men from the other teams! Besides, they managed to trail close behind the Richards with top three rankings in five legs, even after being yielded by the Indian team Dimple and Sunaina!

Due to pressure Natasha and Hussein led to constant bickers that saw them end up at the bottom of the pack in several portions of the race. Natasha’s patience was duly tested by her father's antics during the race, especially during his attempt to cheer her on with his whistle blowing during the log sawing session. Being the oldest participant this season, Hussein also had some physical limitations in completing some of the tasks.

With very little rest and an even tinier time gap among the three teams, will the Richards do Pinoys proud by finally changing TARA history of strong teams not fulfilling their potential (Marc & Rovilson, Geoff & Tisha), or can underdogs Natasha and Hussein put aside their generational conflicts to emerge as the winner? Will Michelle and Claire bank on their home advantage and continue to show that age and size matter not in this race around the world?
TARA Season 4 Finale
Throughout the Amazing Race Asia season 4, there have been some pretty extreme challenges presented to the teams, with some that resulted in unexpected outcomes. The underwater dive in Malaysia for example, saw not one or two but five teams failing to complete the task, which resulted in a four-hour penalty for each team. Add in complex dance numbers, eating of exotic food (think crunchy fat grubs with the consistency of jelly!).

All will be revealed tonight at the Amazing Race Asia season 4 finale on AXN, December 09, 2010 at 8pm (JKT)/ 9pm (SG, MY, PH)/ 10pm (HK)!

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