Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AG Saño: Dolphin Crusader & New WWF Hero

34-year old Filipino artist AG Saño is New WWF Hero and Dolphin Crusader. His passion in brushstrokes has rallied hundreds of volunteers to transform barren concrete walls into colorful murals encouraging a stop on the slaughter and trade in of dolphins.

Commercial photographer, former landscape architect, and WWF volunteer, Sano left his lucrative job photographing clients on a Walt Disney cruise ship to campaign against both the annual Taiji Bay dolphin slaughters in Japan and captive dolphin shows in the Philippines. He also established the Dolphins Love Freedom Network, whose members come from some 40 countries.

From April to December of 2010, Sano painted over 23,000 dolphins in scores of towns and cities throughout the Philippines – representing the 23,000 killed in Japan yearly. He says “Dolphins are meant to be free.”

For his actions, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) has recognized Amado Guerrero ‘AG’ Saño as its 15th and newest environmental hero.

Against Dolphin Shows & Dolphin Hunts

WWF opposes the Taiji dolphin drive hunts chiefly because they are not conducted for either subsistence or cultural reasons. WWF believes that a switch from hunting to dolphin and whale-watching would be the best recourse.
C5 Mural Dino Dimar
At least 2000 dolphins are annually driven into a hidden cove in the Japanese town of Taiji each September. Unscarred or show-quality adults are captured and sold to aquaria and sea parks, while the rest are harpooned for meat – leaving the cove awash in blood. The Taiji hunt was the subject of ‘The Cove’, a 2009 Oscar-winning documentary and the catalyst for Saño’s campaign.

The fishing town of Donsol, where the hunting of whale sharks has been replaced by commercially-successful whale shark eco-tours, serves as an excellent example,” notes WWF-Philippines Conservation Programmes Vice-President Joel Palma. “In just over a decade, the once sleepy 6th-class municipality transformed into a prosperous 1st-class municipality – proving that conservation can be more profitable than hunting.

WWF-Philippines CEO Lory Tan adds, “AG’s crusade is nothing short of phenomenal. He has used the medium of his mastery to creatively champion a worthy cause. Whether you are a lawyer, fisherman or an artist, remember that your skills may be used to champion a greater good.”
If we don’t fight for what we believe in, nothing will happen. Remember that dolphins have been cruising Earth’s oceans for over 50 million years. Humans have been here for less than 200,000 years. We can’t play God\,” concludes AG Saño.

Since 2009, WWF-Philippines has actively recognized ordinary individuals which show decisive environmental action through its WWF Heroes of the Environment Program. Kudos AG Saño, Dolphin Crusader and new WWF Hero!

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