Friday, June 24, 2011

BlackBerry Shares Road Safety Apps

Typhoons, ITCZ, storms, hurricane, name it! The Philippines have it. And with the onset of the rainy season, driving through Metro Manila traffic is not getting any better. Maybe these BlackBerry Apps can help.

As it has become more challenging, here some apps from BlackBerry to assist you while navigating through the streets and alleys of the city:
Car Finder App
Crash Report App

DriveSafely App

Honda Safety App
Not While Driving App

Parking Tracker App
Speaker On Car App

Where is My Car App

BlackBerry Application List: Car Finder App, Crash Report App, DriveSafely App, Fuel Dashboard App, Honda Safety App, Not While Driving App, Parking Tracker App, Speaker On Car App, Talk and Drive App, Vlingo App, and Where is My Car Application.

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