Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Magical Moments w/ Coca-Cola at Enchanted Kingdom *

Eldar the Wizard cast a refreshingly red spell at Enchanted Kingdom last January 22, 2012 and added a new color to its colorful history. As the country’s premier and only world class theme park.

Enchanted Kingdom welcomed its new beverage partner, Coca-Cola, with a grand launch dubbed “Refreshingly Magical Moments only at Enchanted Kingdom." The refreshingly red spell’s effects were only just beginning as it brought life to a grand parade led by Eldar the Wiz and Princess Victoria, EK Mascots, lion and dragon dancers, pandas and terracotta soldiers.

The aftermath of the festivities was the Zion Show at the Spaceport concert grounds. The Zion Show wowed the audience as they showed their acrobatic moves. Enchanted Kingdom and Coca-Cola officials, together with EK royalty Eldar the Wiz led the park guests to a ceremonial toast. The famous band Rivermaya emerged to open more happiness to the ears of the guests. Rivermaya rocked the afternoon away by playing their greatest hits from the past decade. The audience danced and sang along as the mood became even more refreshingly magical. The event was capped off with an exciting display of fireworks which completed the refreshingly red spell at Enchanted Kingdom.

Coca-Cola brought its 100 year history in the Philippines to the magical world of Enchanted Kingdom along with its “Open Happiness” message. Enchanted Kingdom  parties delivered promising messages for a refreshingly and magical partnership for the years to come. A ceremonial toast by both parties sealed the refreshingly red spell at Enchanted Kingdom.
Magical Moments w/ Coca-Cola at Enchanted Kingdo
The event highlighted Enchanted Kingdom as the place where refreshing moments come to life! For more information visit www.enchantedkingdom.ph or like Enchanted Kingdom on facebook.

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