Monday, December 31, 2012

Green Heat: Solar PV systems for Home or Office Set-up

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
We’ve been talking about ways to minimize one’s carbon footprint and save money in the long run and using earth-friendly materials and efficient energy consumption are on top of our list. But do you know how we can benefit from using solar power technology, or photovoltaic panels also called PVs?
The said system collects energy from the sun to generate electricity, which can then be used to power a portion of a home or office’s electrical needs.

How it works: 

Typically installed on rooftops, solar panels collect DC power and send it to an inverter which then converts it into AC (alternating current) power. The AC power goes from the inverter to the electrical panel, where it now becomes ready to use. Once the solar system produces more power than needed, the meter actually spins backwards. A home or office is still, of course, connected to the utility grid so it can get as much power as it needs outside of what the solar system produces.
GH_thumb[2]Solar energy reduces the amount of fossil fuel that is burned, which subsequently reduces the pollutants and CO² that make it to the atmosphere. There's a complete home or office set-up normally powers select appliances such as lights, air-conditioners, and certain electrical outlets. You just need to get a system that's right for you. The solar system you need must be customized in order to get the best possible performance, which subsequently will bring about the best cost and energy savings as well.
Green Heat (GH), a locally-owned business engaged in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar PV systems, has the right technology, expertise as well as experience to do the job right. Green Heat has been part of numerous large scale projects such as the ADB solar power plant, the Rural Electrification of the Philippine government, and other private installations.
Using silicon-powered technology: the world's most dependable solar technology and with over 40 years of demonstrated field performance, silicon modules have continued to outlast and outperform other solar technologies.

Since roofs have limited space for solar modules, GreenHeat’s panels have higher module efficiencies. This means each panel works better in absorbing energy. Moreover, GH’s panels have “Enhanced weak light performance,” where the solar glass ensure that the panels perform well under real world, low light conditions. Aside from that, GH is cost-effective. GH’s panels are also low-maintenance since they have “self cleaning” technology where a special layer in the high quality solar glass of the modules causes water to run off more quickly, thereby enabling the glass to clean itself of dust and dirt.

However, solar PV panels are just a part of the entire system. As they say, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” In solar PV technology, the rest of the system has to be just as efficient and reliable; otherwise the best panels won’t give you the ideal return of investment.

Green Heat provides a turn-key service to their clients with a complete assessment of their solar energy requirements during the proposal stage that cover system design and cost. Once the go signal is given by the client, GH executes the design plan and turns over the system after a series of tests. With a one-year after sales warranty, clients can be assured that their solar PV set-up will be a reliable one.

If you’re looking to the future of energy, start today with solar PV technology. It’s an investment that goes a long way in saving you money and even more importantly, the environment. Renewable energy, high performance and superior reliability whether home or office set-up. Visit their website at

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