Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Smart Life: Smart Road Towards Your Future

We make choices and decisions everyday. Some may not be that easy, but we had to choose nonetheless. The process of making a decision may take hours or even days due to the numerous factors that have to be considered. 
Philam Life
Life Smart by Philam Life

Decisions: The Car Analogy

Just like in purchasing a car, you have to make sure that the car suits your needs. This decision comes with a lot of accompanying questions such as:

  • "Do I need it for the city or for long drives?" 
  • "What is the vehicle’s rating when it comes to safety?"
  • "How long is the warranty?"
A smart tip would be to research the car that you need beforehand.

Consider your current style of living and how a new car investment will add value to your life like ease of going to work or luxury of having your own wheels to take your family for a road trip or an accessible automobile for when emergency strikes. Looking at specifications such as the car’s gas consumption, carrying capacity, and the safety and insurance coverage of the car that you want to purchase.

Your choice of car will definitely have a huge impact for your future. With this smart tip, you can enjoy a smarter road trip ahead!
Philam Life Life Smart
Philam Life's Life Smart
Life Smart & Philam Life

Considerations about safety and security aren’t just for purchasing a vehicle but it goes beyond major decisions in life. But, similar with the keen manner of choosing the car that suits you best, another smart choice is to have a smart plan that would protect your family in the future, because people need protection for unexpected events that may happen. By adopting the same process of decision making in car investment, determining how you can secure your life and your loved ones will be very easy especially now that Philam Life has a plan called Life Smart, which ensures not only your protection but your family’s as well.

Life Smart provides guaranteed life insurance coverage with accident and terminal illness benefits. If you pass away within the next 20 years, your family gets a guaranteed cash benefit. If it is due to an accident, the guaranteed amount doubles. This feature will ensure that your family will be taken care of.

In the event that you get diagnosed with a terminal illness, your life insurance coverage will be given to you in advance.
Life Smart
Life Smart Provisions
Moreover, if you continue your plan for 20 years and your coverage ends, all of your payments will be returned to you. You can also receive a cash bonus through yearly dividends and a loyalty bonus.

Smart choices lead to smarter outcomes.  Real life is full of choices. There’s no guarantee you’ll always make the right ones. But you can make the smart choice by protecting yourself no matter what. Get Life Smart.

Know more about Philam Life and Life Smart at visit www.philamlife.com.

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