Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Smart Traveler And The SMART Rewards Program

I always spend less and travel more often. I mean I am a certified budget traveler . I choose  to be frugal at all times.  And I am not terribly picky just so you know. To me every single peso counts now a days. I always make sure that I wont go over my spend limit. 

It really feels ultimately great when you get back into the swing of things. In the last couple of weeks, I was really busy at work. It has been crazy busy that I had to bum around a little traveling some places in the Visayas region. * wink.

I love traveling just so you know. It is so nice to meet people down the road. It makes me feel that I am rich. Rich that in the way we travel , it enriches or lives and that's something we can never buy. In the last couple of years , I have been showered  with some of the wonderful and surprising events  and hopefully I will continue to be blessed with wonderful things in my life.

Living in a corporate world is somewhat stressful , so I need to destress myself. I will eventually leave the corporate world for more challenging and creative life. I still believe that right now there is still a corporate ladder to climb . But again we will never know. It's something that we can not predict. 

But anyway, I was away with my family for a little while and now I am finally back . I am ready to bond with family. I miss them so much so I thought that it's worth something to blog about. 

I love family bonding. Since it's a weekend, the whole family made a decision to watch scary movie. I don't know why scary movie. The scare factor: There’s something about being scared, period. Screaming and a lot more . Since I have enough Smart Reward points , I , myself and the rest of the family chose the " Fright night" Colin Farrell Is Hilarious and Scary in 'Fright Night'. Surprisingly decent horror movie. Just enough gore and humour added that makes it a great vampire flick. Colin Farrell’s performance as the vampire-next-door makes you glad that these creatures don’t actually exist. The transformation from his human to demonic features were also quite brilliant. 

But, Have you heard of the SMART Rewards Program? I bet you have an idea what I am talking about. Just to give you a headsup , it is a loyalty program of Smart ( Philippines's first Rewards Program for mobile) subscribers earn points which they can get to redeem Smart Items .

Something you need to know

In order to earn the points, you must be registered to Smart Rewards, registrations is for free, just text REWARDS to 9800.

To check how many points you have just text POINTS to 9800.

To Redeem the movie treat, text REDEEM FREEMOVIE to 9800 and to redeem your free pop corn and soda just text REDEEM DRINK to 9800 and REDEEM POPCORN to 9800.

Codes will be sent to your mobile phone and that’s the one you’re going to scan in their B Code Machine. A tape receipt will come out of the machine and it can be redeemed in their snack bar and ticket counters.

Subscribers can also get exclusive deals from more than 100 partner merchants nationwide.
*Applicable to Buddy, Gold and Bro Prepaid and Postpaid individual accounts only.
*Earn points for every top-up or billed to your account (P1 = 5 points).
*Text POINTS and send to 9800 for free to check your points.
*Text REWARDS and send to 9800 for free to know the items you can redeem.

What I was really excited about with the Smart rewards?  Smart Rewards and SM Cinema tied up  with Tickets and Treats promo.  This is another way to enjoy your hard earned points.  Points can be earned when you reload for Smart prepaid subscribers, make IDD calls using Smart, or from your SMART bill charges ( for Smart  post paid subscribers). You can get bonus points on your birthday or every quarter for staying with Smart! That is so cool.

Redeem your tickets now via bCode. By accumulating enought points, you can now begin to redeem Free popcorn and drinks, movie tickets and P100 OFF movie discount coupons which is available in all SM cinema branches near you. Just keep using your SMART Gold, SMART Buddy and SMART Bro accounts to earn more points! 

Check Points Balance
It is absolutely easy to find out how many points you have with SMART Rewards.

If you are a SMART Gold or SMART Buddy user, just text POINTS to 9800 for free. It will display all available points you have as of the date indicated in the SMS message.

If you are a SMART Bro subscriber, log-in to WebConnect and click on INQUIRIES. It will display all available points as of the date indicated.
For more information check Smart Website Promos
Visit to find out more about Smart Rewards.

Family bonding is a little thing in life that can make a difference. Watching movies with family is a great activity . Watching the movie with your popcorn and drinks ..

We may have different background and family lifestyles but I will tell you this. Family bonding will never go out of style with SMART Rewards. 

It was a great family weekend and an awesome SMART Rewards B Code experience. Hope you’ll have a wonderful B Code experience too!

*Contributed by Mark Chino Pantua
 ('Search for the Blogger Apprentice' participant).

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