Friday, January 22, 2016

Who Is Augusto "Boboy" Syjuco

Last week, we were invited to the house of Augusto "Boboy" Syjuco, former chief Technical Education and Skills Development Authorit (TESDA) and had the opportunity to know him and his plans if ever given the chance to lead the country. Syjuco is running for president under team KBL. There was a short program featuring Boboy's life from birth until he got married. I like how the story of young Boboy connects the old Tito Boboy's present life - his passion and good works in serving the community.

An Interview with Boboy Syjuco

At an early age, he suffered and almost die from a disease called diptheria. For many years, he has done several medical missions in different parts of the country. In the story of young Boboy, there was a time that his father gave him a toy gun along with a father's lesson about the meaning of responsibility and respect. One day, he played the gun and shot a bird. Young Boboy felt bad, since he learned to value and respect life just like what his father taught him.

The first six parts of the story evolves in the life of young Boboy Syjuco. I like how it was presented and connected to Syjuco's contribution to the country which gives the audience an idea of his past and present life, including stories of him being a leader.

About Boboy Syjuco

He was a former Iloilo representative and TESDA chief during the President Gloria Macapagal's term. Some of his achievements includes Order of Lakandula award with the Rank of Bayani (Grand cross) the Republic of the Philippines. He is the author of Salabat for the Filipino Soul Book I: A Book on Filipino Virtues, 2006, Salabat for the Filipino Soul Book II: Career Guidance in Ladderized Education for Filipino Empowerment, The Warrior's Creed,  The 10 Commendments of Honorable Politics, So Wat? (Newsletter circulated in the House of Representatives and Sandigan Bayan: An Ombudsman for the Philippines.

An Interview with Boboy Syjuco

As a Congressman, he represented the 2nd District of lloilo, 11th and 12th Congress, House of Representatives. Member, Laban ng Masang Filipino (LAMP) and Chairman, LAKAS NUCD, UMDP KAMPI, 2nd District of lloilo, in the early 1998.

He is the founder, Unlad Makati, a non-profit Foundation for Livelihood Projects. The Director, Heritage of Cebu Foundation, headed by Cardinal Vidal among others.

As a government leader, he became the Director General of TESDA. He was twice elected as Congressman/Representative for the Second District of IIoiIo, in May 1998 and May 2001. He was also elected VP at 1971 Constitutional Convention. He's the Principal Author and Sponsor of the 1971 Constitution’s Article 13: Accountability of Public Officers, Sandigan Bayan (Anti-Graft Court), and Tanodbayan (OMBUDSNIAN) which were also adopted by the 1986 Constitutional Commission.

One of his platforms focused on strengthening and promoting education. His plan includes providing free education for all Filipinos. He will also work on providing strong internet connection through fiber. Syjuco has plans to improve the mass transportation.

What are your thoughts about Augusto "Boboy" Syjuco as a candidate for president in the 2016 election? Every candidate has their own plataporma, it's also our obligation to get to know more them and choose wisely.

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