Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Honda Gen S Motorcycles: Inspire Better Riding Lifestyle

Following the release of the Beat-FiLet Your Beat Out”, Click 125iJoin the Evolution”, and Zoomer-XI. Am. Unstoppable”—all with cutting-edge technology for road safety, fuel-efficiency, and eco-friendliness—the game-changing Honda Gen S motorcycles not only revolutionized the Filipinos’ riding experience, they also inspired a positive lifestyle change.
Honda Gen S Motorcycles
Honda Gen S Motorcycles

For starters, Honda Philippines recognizes and supports morcycle clubs—including old time enthusiasts and even first-time riders—that encourage camaraderie and a sense of family and equality that, no matter what your Honda motorcycle is, you’re absolutely part of the club.

Moreover, the emergence of the Generation Smart riders and their new breed of motorcycles has inspired a movement towards responsible and safe riding and making smart choices on the road, as promoted by the innovative motorcycle features.
Honda Zoommer X
Honda Zoommer X 1 Silver

Suited for the varying needs and diverse personalities of smart riders, Honda’s Smart Technology—Enhanced Smart Power (eSP), Idling Stop System (ISS), and Combined Break System (CBS)—has also brought about parallelisms between these innovative features and values that riders can take to heart such as practicality, sense of safety, and care for the environment.

Apart from the instant riding benefits, the Honda Gen S brings together Filipinos from all walks of life, encouraging each to pursue their riding passions in a much safer lifestyle, with discipline, and a contagious desire that ultimately promotes safe riding, fuel-efficiency, and eco-friendliness.
Honda Zoommer X
Honda Zoommer X Red / Yellow

Through Honda and Gen S, riders are on the road to a better lifestyle that builds wonderful relationships, develops responsibility, promotes road safety, and protects the environment.

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